In TSS, it is made possible to nature the member of true Muslim Society by providing an environment of academic excellence by the virtues of honor, fair – play and respect.

Time of Admission:

TSS offers admissions in the month of:      – February , March and April

Department of Studies:

Taqwa Schooling System offers admission in its three departments:

(i)       Academic:

  • Class Montessori to HSC.
  • All Subjects are taught in all classes.
  • Offers Nazra from KG-II to Class V and Tarjuma-tul-Quran from Class VI to VIII.

(ii)      Academic + Hifz:

  • Class I to Class VII. Offers admissions till IV.
  • Only three academics subjects are taught along with Hifz.
  • Class I to IV (English , Urdu , Math)
  • Class V to VII (English , Science , Math)
  • Students starting Hifz from Class I will have to complete his/her Hifz studies by class V.

(iii)     Special Hifz:

  • Students are admitted after passing out their kindergarten classes.
  • Students shall have to complete their Hifz within 3/4  years.

Students Ages At The Time of Admission:

Taqwa Schooling System offers admissions in different classes at prescribed ages which are as under:


Stages of Admissions:

The whole process of admission is given as under:


(i)       Registration:

Parents whishing to admit a child should first register their child for an admission test by completing the prescribed registration from available at reception and will receive the admit card (Parent’s Copy) for admission test.

It must be cleared that:

  • Registration fee will be charged which is non-refundable.
  • Registration will not confirm or guarantee admission.

 (ii)      Admission Test:

In pre-primary levels, an informal assessment based on child’s age is conducted in which the reading ability, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colors and numbers are assessed, child’s attitude is also taken into consideration.

  • For academic classes (I to XI) a written test in English, Urdu Math and Science are prerequisites. Nazra is also checked for classes 3, 4, 5.
  • For academic + Hifz Classes (I to VII) a written test in English, Urdu, Math and Science are demanded. Hifz-ul-Quran of selected chapters are also checked if the student is seeking admission in classes V to VII.
  • For special Hifz class, only Nazra is checked. If the student has already learnt some chapters of Quran then that will also be taken into consideration.
  • criteria for qualifying admission test is minimum 70 %

 (iii)     Merit List:

After a week of admission test, merit list will be prepared and displayed on school’s Notice Board for successful candidates. That list will also contain the dates on which successful students with their parents will be called for interview.

(IV)     Interview:

Successful candidates who will have qualified the admission tests will be called for formal interview with their parents. In interview they will also be guided the further process of admission through letter of admission. Parents will be asked to fill Admission form “Parent’s performa” and contract with school performa.

(v)      Formalities:

After the interview parents will pay non-refundable admission fees, annual fees and tuition fees. (details are given in prospectus).

Following documents has to be submitted along with the fees.

  • Copy of candidate birth certificate or B-form.
  • Copy of C.N.I.C of father / guardian.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Report card of last class.
  • School leaving certificate of last school.
  • Admission form. (Enclosed in prospectus)
  • Parents performa. (Enclosed in prospectus)
  • “School contract with parents letter” (Enclosed in prospectus)

Admission formalities should be completed no later than the date given in the letter of admission. failure to comply will result in cancellation of the admission.

(vi)     Course and Uniform Purchasing:

Complete sets of books and copies will be made available at the designated shops and stores. Dress Code is given in prospectus.

It will also be made available at the school’s designated store.

(vii)    Orientation Session:

Parents will be invited for an orientation session at the beginning of the academic year in order to acquaint them with the functioning, teaching methodology, assessment and other important aspects of school.


(viii)   Commencement of Classes:

After all formalities and purchasing students will be allowed to attend classes.