Purely Islamic Environment

There are hundreds of schools in Pakistan, tend to provide modern education in an Islamic environment but it is unfortunate that after all the struggling of 10 years, to get higher education children of good families are compel to join secular institutions and are abandoned at their mercy.

Where they are influenced by secular and non-Islamic environment which affect their religious life and nevertheless all the efforts go in vain when a child is seen fully involved in secular agenda and having no tendency to Islam and not useful for Muslim Human at all. In this regard TMS has launched Taqwa Model College situated at Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

The aim of Taqwa Model College is to correlate science and the modern educational standards with the Islamic frame of reference and students should be challenged and offered success in a worthwhile learning environment and give a chance to take increasing ALLAH centeredness, integrity, justice, responsibility and respect for all and they could save their Emaan.