• Class Montessori to College (College is only for girls) All major & minor subjects are taught.
  • Multimedia subjects in Montessori, KG-1 & KG-II
  • Nazra: From KG-II to Class V
  • Tarjuma-tul-Quran from Class VI to VIII
  • Seerat-un-Nabi Class IX to XII
  • English conversation subjects for all classes.
  • Taekwondo from Class I to X.

Academic + Hifz (Class: I-VII)

  • Students are taught four major subjects: English, Urdu, Math and Science along with Hifz.
  • Academic + Hifz is commenced from Class I, and Hifz is completed till Class V.
  • Students can be admitted in Academic + Hifz till Class IV only. Those who already have learnt some Chapters of the Holy Quran can be admitted in class V.
  • Hifz Section classes are held only for Class I to VII From Class I to IV of Academic + Hifz, only three subjects English, Urdu and Mathematics are taught. All work is done in the class and no homework is given. For   only reading and writing work is done  while Science is not taught  from Class I to Class IV.
  • From Class V to VII of Academic + Hifz, only three subjects English, Science and Mathematics are taught.
  • For Science in Class V, firstly the basic concept of class I to IV Science is covered. Then other chapters are started. English, Science and Mathematics homework is given in class V to VII.
  • If the learning speed of the student of Academics + Hifz is slow, he / she will be admitted to Special Hifz for a year.
  • Parents will be responsible for Sabaq while Teachers will be accountable for Sabaqi and Manzil.
  • Off-timing of Hifz Students is 3:25 PM; none of the students will be permitted to go before off-timing.

Special Hifz

  • Academic subjects are not taught in this department.
  • Students memorize the Holy Quran in a school environment.
  • Students will complete HIfz within 3/4 years with the grace of Allah.